HYGENIUS--comprised of a 5 part object and video series. Created and written by Aria McManus and Raine Trainor and directed by Avery McCarthy. We invite you to feel confident to exercise your privacy in public domain, in the original place where that’s made possible—the locker room.   With HYGENIUS, sanitary doesn’t mean sedentary, sanitation meets salutation as these products are for on-the-go, applied wherever you are and whenever you need. Built to help you last, this series ranges from a far cry to a Close Call onto minding your gap with Slap Control. Here to help pay off that clean bill of health and keep a clear conscience.  ::Preserve and persist:: with your personal best. Preview the lifestyle of new human conditioning. Look the picture of health hinged on the reciprocal dichotomy that provides HYGENIUS with multiple applications and functions. Draft up your new lease on life with unlimited mobility and total freedom. Don't risk your body by letting imagination fail, there are so many mirrors in this world and they're unpredictable. Come clean, come confident.  Put the private in private enterPRIZE and the public in your parts with HYGENIUS: Hygenerous products created to render your hymaintenance needs. Always bringing the genius to your hygiene routine. 2015

Hygenius Teaser Trailer

Take Control with Slap Control

Close Call is here to shave your day. 


Stay hydrated, Stay dry with HyDry

Make all things clear with Sheer Udder Brilliance